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With the Super Bowl behind us, many now are focusing on 2019 in earnest. So too with real estate tax assessments. February will usher in the beginning of a new assessment era as the old guard, Joseph Berrios, was ousted from the assessing office last year.

Fritz Kaegi, the newly elected assessor, will begin issuing 2019 assessments for Rogers Park (2/15/19), Riverside (2/5/19), River Forest (2/6/19) and Norwood Park (2/22/19) townships later this month. Filing deadlines are about 30 days from the date appeals open.

Generally, only townships that are being re-assessed as part of the Triennial Reassessment will receive increases and thus merit assessment review and possible appeal action. However, this year may be different. Assessors can reassess properties at any time. In fact, Mr. Kaegi has shown admiration for jurisdictions who assess on an annual basis like New York. Consequently, properties that historically would not be reassessed could be reassessed in 2019.

Furthermore, with the new assessor in office, a new approach to valuation may open the door for additional assessment relief. Given the strength of the current real estate market, new evidence may be available to support appeals that were not available in 2017 or 2018. In short, property owners and condo associations should consider assessment appeals in 2019 even if the property is not reassessed this year.

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