If you have a complaint that you would like your community association to resolve, here are some tips on how to handle the situation effectively. Your temper may be flaring, but try to keep these things in mind before speaking to the board or management. 

  1. Remember what you signed up for. You are living in a community, which means there will be a prescribed set of rules that must be followed and everyone must compromise.
  2. Educate yourself. Before approaching the board, make sure to review your association’s governing documents that list the board’s responsibilities. Knowing what the board handles will help you determine who to speak to about your complaint.
  3. Keep your cool. Instead of yelling or sending angry emails, approach the board or management in an understanding and friendly way. Treating them with kindness will make the entire process more efficient.
  4. Propose a solution. If you have a problem to bring up, also try to bring a possible solution to the table. You can even volunteer to help in implementing that solution. Show that you have a vested interest in the change.

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