Handling a foreclosure in your condominium association can be confusing, and the process can drag on. If you are not collecting assessments from the condo owner while the foreclosure plays out, you should first understand what you need to do to protect any delinquent amounts and when you can expect to be paid post-foreclosure.

A foreclosure concludes with the judicial sale, when the property is auctioned. At this point, the property may be purchased by a third party or revert to the bank. Whichever entity takes ownership, they will be responsible for paying assessments as of the 1st of the month following the judicial sale date.

The lien on the unit is not extinguished until the bank or third party begins paying assessments. If the assessments are not paid promptly following the confirmation of the judicial sale (usually 1-2 months after the judicial sale date), the association may have a right to collect all of the assessments unpaid by the prior owner.

The association will recover delinquent amounts from the prior owner per statute from the third party or from the purchaser of the unit when the bank re-sells the property.


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