“Parliamentary procedure” refers to the rules that outline the structure of business meetings.  But why is it important and what does it entail?

Why is it important to follow Parliamentary Procedure during condo board meetings?

  1. It drives efficient decision making
  2. It prevents chaos by allowing attendees to raise concerns in a structured manner
  3. It helps run large meetings effectively

What role does each board officer play in Parliamentary Procedure?

The President’s role is to:

  1. Set an agenda
  2. Ensure quorum is met
  3. Direct an effective meeting that follows the agenda

The Secretary’s role is to:

  1. Keep meeting minutes

An Attendee’s role is to:

  1. Wait to be recognized by the chair before speaking, and address motions and comments to the chair.
  2. Move through the meeting by making motions and seconding other motions
  3. Speak first when making a motion, but keep what you have to say to 2 minutes
  4. Vote on motions at the end of discussion

Understanding parliamentary procedure, and the role everyone plays in it, helps facilitate a well-managed meeting.

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