During each General Assembly session, Illinois lawmakers introduce thousands of pieces of legislation, and many impact community associations in some capacity.

The public can fill out witness slips to register support or opposition to a bill. The witness slips are then reviewed by the committee that the bill is assigned to at the beginning of each hearing. Lawmakers pay close attention to witness slips. Witness slips have many times made a difference in whether or not a bill becomes a law.

If you would like to engage in the legislative process, the Illinois General Assembly website offers tools to help you, such as “My Legislation,” which allows you to build a database of bills you are interested in and to track their progress 

In 2014, ChicagoCondoResource.com helped condo owners to fight a bill that would have limited the funds associations could recover from a foreclosed unit. Governor Quinn vetoed the bill due to the overwhelming amount of input received from condo owners.

Your voice does have an impact! To learn more about witness slips and the tools offered by the Illinois General Assembly, click here

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