Board members are often tasked with making the most difficult decisions for their community association. These decisions can sometimes lead to confrontation if there are differences of opinion.

Below, we have listed several ways to avoid upset, confrontational, or unruly homeowners during an association meeting.

  1. Ensure that proper notice of the meeting is sent well in advance and encourage owners to submit all questions or issues in advance as well.
  2. Hold meetings in a respectable location that fosters respect amongst homeowners.
  3. Provide a concise meeting agenda that homeowners can review in advance. Be sure to include ground rules in the agenda to focus expectations.
  4. Arrange the room so that board members sit in front of the homeowners, facing the attendees.
  5. Holding a homeowner forum will allow time to address any issues. The board should set and explain the rules and regulations of the forum in advance.
  6. When the homeowner forum is finished, the board should formally convene the open meeting and begin discussing association business.
  7. Unit owners should be advised to submit legal issues in writing for the board’s review so as not to delay or postpone meetings.

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