Smaller buildings, in an effort to keep expenses down, often choose to assign building "chores" to owners rather than pay an outside service to handle the tasks.  Cleaning, lawn maintenance and snow removal generally end up on this list.

There are several reasons why HausFS recommends that associations hire an outside service to handle these maintenance items:

  1. It can be difficult to get all owners to participate, which means that certain owners may find themselves picking up the slack for their neighbors.  When the work is outsourced, everyone contributes through payment of assessments. 
  2. Entrusting physical labor to owners can result in injuries and insurance claims against the association.  Hire contractors who can provide proof of insurance for their business and you'll eliminate liability issues for your association.
  3. The Board has a fiduciary duty to provide for the maintenance of the building.  Individual owners do not. Attempting to assign chores and enforce compliance through fines could be construed as a breach of fiduciary duty.  Board members need to consider the well-being of the entire association, not just their own pocketbooks.

The last thing many owners want to do after a hard day's work and handling their own personal chores is to clean up after their neighbors.  Outsourcing maintenance for your building makes life a little easier for everyone.

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