Beginning January 1, 2017, the Common Interest Community Association Act and the Condominium Property Act will be amended in regards to “acceptable technological means.” These means will now be described as any generally available technology that is deemed to provide security, reliability, identification and verifiability, by the association. However, the use of acceptable technological means does not apply to notices that are required under the following circumstances:

  1. Under the Forcible Entry and Detainer Article of the Code of Civil Procedure.
  2. In connection with foreclosure proceedings in enforcement of any lien rights

Technological means may also be used to send, receive, sign, vote, consent or approve any notices. It may also be used to perform obligations or exercise rights, such as voting.

(Note that a condo association must first adopt Rules & Regulations specifically allowing the use of technological means for voting in order to conduct elections or other owner votes in such a manner.)

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