The community living aspect of condominium ownership brings with it a huge potential for conflict. Conflict can occur between owners, between the board and owners, and even between board members. And while conflict is as inevitable in condo living as it is in all areas of life, it can be managed successfully with the right approach.

Often, conflict is the result of differences in how people live and an inability to come to an amicable compromise. In our experience, it is often helpful to bring a third party into the conflict to help both sides come to a workable resolution. Using a mediator can help your association to minimize legal bills and time in court, which can often inflame the problem and make living in your condo even more unpleasant.

The Center for Conflict Resolution in Chicago offers FREE mediation services that can help condo owners to better navigate their disagreements. Training services are also available for individuals looking to learn the skills of successful negotiation and compromise. Legal action is expensive - try a mediator first!

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