"If I had only known how many problems there would be in my condo building, I never would have bought a condo!"

Does this sound like you? Unfortunately, this is a common refrain among condo owners. Condo living is complicated and confusing at times, and conflict is inevitable. Condo owners who look forward to owning property, building equity and being able to make alterations that aren't possible when renting often find that condo living isn't quite what they'd expected.

Sometimes, you just need someone to listen and sympathize. Sometimes, you need someone to give you guidance on how to tackle your condo conundrums. Sometimes, you need both.

On Wednesday, July 19th, CCR will be hosting a "Condo Therapy" session with the Experts. Come for FREE food, drinks and advice from industry leaders. This is an opportunity to connect to solutions and to other condo owners who can relate.

Details on our Calendar. Please spread the word!

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