Effective January 1, 2018, “on demand” owner access to Association records will be expanded: 

  • The categories of records available will now include all active association contracts and 10 years of financial books and records.
  • Of the nine categories of records that every association must maintain, only election ballots and the official unit owner list will not be subject to examination on an on-demand basis.  
  • A unit owner no longer needs to explain or prove a purpose to obtain the documents.
  • An association now must make the requested records available within 10 days instead of 30. 
  • If an association fails to meet the deadline to provide the requested records, and the requesting unit owner prevails in a lawsuit to compel their review of the records, the association must pay the unit owner's attorneys' fees and costs. 
  • The requesting unit owner is allowed, but not required, a charge-back for retrieval and copying costs of the requested records.

To read more about upcoming ICPA changes in 2018, click here.

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