Harassment/Inappropriate behavior is a significant and growing problem in community association as the number of complaints about owners harassing board members, managers, maintenance staff, vendors, and sometimes other owners, rise every year. Human interactions in all areas have become less civilized. People are more inclined to shout their disagreements and less inclined to discuss them; they are more demanding and insistent on having their way and less tolerant of people who don’t give them what they want or think they are entitled to have.

Homeowner association rules typically guarantee owners the right to the “quiet enjoyment” of their homes. Whether the incidents are isolated or repetitive, the bottom line will always be whether the targeted individual felt intimidated or threatened, not whether the angry individual viewed his/her actions as abusive or intimidating or intended them that way.

Below are steps to follow when dealing with harassment or inappropriate behavior within a condo association:

  1. Write the offending individual a letter, or have the association’s attorney write a letter, describing the behavior, noting that it violated the association’s rules and stating the individual will be subject to fines or other sanctions and possibly legal action if the behavior doesn’t stop.
  2. If this isn’t enough, seek a civil restraining order in court, the details of which will depend on the nature of the offending actions

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