The battle between condominium associations and Airbnb continues, but a recent dismissal of a "source of income discrimination" claim filed by a Chicago condo owner against a condo association further reinforces associations' right to ban short term rentals.

The lawsuit involved a condo owner who was fined for violating the association's declaration, which prohibited the leasing of units for hotel or transient purposes or terms less than six months, and provided that "no portion of the Unit which is less than the entire Unit shall be leased."

The owner filed a complaint with the City of Chicago Commission on Human Relations alleging that the association violated the Chicago Fair Housing Ordinance by discriminating against the owner based on the owner's "source of income" from the temporary Airbnb guests. The Commission ruled against the owner.

Many condominium Declarations include language prohibiting Airbnb-type rentals. Further, the City of Chicago allows those associations to register as a "Prohibited Building", which Airbnb is required to consult before listing any condo rentals in the City of Chicago. 

If short-term rentals are a problem in your association, the board should consult its Declaration to determine if short-term rentals are restricted and are encouraged to register with the city's Prohibited Building List. If you have questions about this issue, please consult a qualified Condo Law Attorney.

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