Condo living is complicated and challenging at times. Underlying many of the common problems that condo owners experience, however, is a simple lack of knowledge about condo law and how condos function.

Condo board members are volunteers whose only qualification is that they are a deeded owner of a condo unit. There is no required level of education or experience to serve on the board. As a result, many associations struggle to find board members who can effectively and confidently fulfill their duties.  

As you prepare for 2019, consider including an expense line item in your budget to cover training and education for board members. It's unreasonable to expect your fellow owners to be experts in managing the association and maintaining the property simply because they've been elected. Board members need regular education and support in order to perform their duties and they deserve the support of the entire association in doing so. The end result benefits everyone.

A membership to is only $29/year. Members can access resources and post questions to our Ask the Expert blog for general information on a number of topics (without needing to turn to an attorney).

CAI and ACTHA are two organizations that regularly provide education and training to condo owners and board members. CAI offers board member training in person and online with its Dedicated Community Association Leader program. These are great options for helping your board perform well for your association. 

An investment in board education protects your investment in your property. Make some room in your 2019 budget to support the board members who volunteer their time and energy on your behalf.

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