The City of Chicago has confirmed that owners do not have a right to the email addresses or phone numbers of their fellow owners. A city ordinance currently protects condo owners' privacy rights but still allows fellow owners the right to inspect certain owner information.

Section 19 of the Illinois Condominium Property Act was amended on January 1, 2018 to allow unit owners the right to inspect, examine or copy the email addresses and telephone numbers of other unit owners, in addition to names, addresses and weighted votes of all members entitled to vote. 

The City of Chicago responded with an Ordinance that prohibited condo owner names, physical addresses, email addresses, telephone numbers and weight votes of all members entitled to vote from being inspected, examined, or copied by other unit owners. The Ordinance was subsequently changed to allow names, addresses and weighted votes to be shared, but not email addresses or telephone numbers.

Board members should not share email addresses or telephone numbers of owners with other owners without express permission. Boards who rely heavily on email to communicate with owners should use the blind copy option so that email addresses are not shared.


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