Cook County has mailed out the 2nd installment tax bills for 2010.  The 2nd installment is due November 1st.

1st installment tax bills are calculated at 55% of your total tax bill for the prior year.  Your actual tax for 2010 is calculated in the 2nd installment, and exemptions are also applied.

If you are not receiving your tax bills in the mail, you may need to change your mailing address.  This can be done with the Cook County Treasurer.  Visit the website for forms and instructions.  

The city of Chicago offers a rebate to seniors in multi-unit buildings. Owners 65 and older may qualify for a $50 annual refund toward water and sewer expenses.  For more information, contact the City of Chicago 312-744-4426. Additional information can be found on the city's website.

I've seen many condominium bylaws that specifically state that an owner must reside on the property in order to serve on the board.  This requirement is actually in violation of the IL Condo Act, which requires that all associations have only one class of membership.  Forbidding an owner to serve on the board because he or she does not reside on the property would create a separate (and inferior) class of membership.  For this reason, bylaws that include this requirement would not be enforceable if the requirement was challenged.
The new chill in the air (and the fact that our boiler kicked on last night) reminded me that it's time for our annual boiler servicing.  If your building has a common heating system for your residents, you should schedule a service call to ensure that the system is working efficiently and to take care of any needed maintenance. Minimum heating requirements in Chicago go into effect today. 

The IL Condo Act requires that association boards meet a minimum of four times annually.  With budget season approaching, now is a good time to schedule a board meeting to discuss any upcoming items that will affect your 2012 budget. Be sure to give proper notice to all owners (email doesn't count!) and take appropriate minutes.  You can find a guide to conducting a meeting here on the Resource Website. 

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