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Q. Our by laws say we are to have 3 directors on our board and then indicates the board can elect officers as they see fit.  We did have 5 directors and when the announcement was made for others to express  interest in running for the board, 1 additional person expressed interest.  The association did not vote on anyone, and this additional person was just absorbed into the current board, so now we have a total of 6 directors.

Q. I am on our Condo board.  The president owns 50% of the units.  He is not paying assessments and will not vote for liens.  There has been no election in three years. (Association rules are two years). 

Q. How do I set up a new bank account for our association funds? Our current bank has sub-par customer service, is inconveniently located and charges odd online fees. We would like to move to a bank common to all owners (3 units) and take advantage of online deposits and such.

Q. I recently purchased a property this year and I feel my taxes are extremely high for the area.  What are my chances to appeal my taxes as individual than as a collective association.  Also, if appealed as an association using a lawyer,what is the average cost?

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