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Q. We are attempting to pass an amendment to the Declaration for our Homeowners Association that would change a portion of the common element to limited common element for the purpose of adding a small patio.  The question has come up would this change the common element interest for our 72 homeowners? 

Q. I live in a six-unit condo bldg., and one of the owners in my bldg. has several maintenance issues in her unit that need repair such as constantly running faucet, etc. 

A.  My wife and I are considering purchasing a house but we were recently scared by a mutual friend who claimed a few things were amiss.

Q. About two years ago, there were roof leaks that caused damage to my condo. The Board at that time approved and paid for the repairs to my walls and ceiling. I just had to pay for the paint. Now the roof has leaked again in exactly the same spots, and the new Board won't pay for the repairs saying the By-laws say all unit owners are responsible for repairs to their own units and the Board shouldn't have repaired my previous repairs the first time it happened.

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