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Q.  I am a first-time condo owner and have found out the hard way that the gutted/rehabbed building has extremely POOR insulation between floors. It is so bad that I am able to hear conversations and people snoring. What can be done? The bulding does NOT YET have an association. Is it the unit owner's responsibility to compensate for this? It is unbearable and I am considering replacing the hardwood floors or putting in carpeting.   I would greatly appreciate your advice.

Q. I have heard rumors that condo owners will have to put up 6 months of monthly assessments coming in Jan 2010, any truth to this rumor?

Q.  There is an owner/resident in my condo  building that has verbally abused our manager, maintenance staff as well as residents for months.  The police were called recently and said there was nothing they could do. What can we do ?

Q. I am on the Board of my association.  The president and myself have been the subject of vandalism over and over again for the last two years. This is internal.  Someone who owns a unit here is doing this and on the advice of the police, we installed security cameras without first informing the association.  The President paid for this out of her own pocket for now, but if the cameras stay for building security, then she would like to be reimbursed.  A unit owner noticed the cameras the other day and is crying "invasion of privacy", unlawful use of association monies, etc. Could you please advise us?

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