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Q. I am being told by our management company that the Board's contact information is private and cannot be shared.  The only way to contact the Board is through our quarterly meetings.  As a resident, do I have a right to contact the Board on my own?

Q. Can a building's Board establish a rule dictating the type of window coverings each unit must have?  If so, are pre-existing window coverings considered Grandfathered?

Q. We are trying to set up some best practices now that a new Board is in place.  How long should association records be kept?  Financial statements, tax returns, correspondence, meeting minutes, etc.?

Q.  I am a first-time condo owner and have found out the hard way that the gutted/rehabbed building has extremely POOR insulation between floors. It is so bad that I am able to hear conversations and people snoring. What can be done? The bulding does NOT YET have an association. Is it the unit owner's responsibility to compensate for this? It is unbearable and I am considering replacing the hardwood floors or putting in carpeting.   I would greatly appreciate your advice.

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