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  • Video Education & Supplementary Materials -

Short presentations you can view at your convenience.  A great way to educate both current and new board members!

Titles include:

Board Responsibilities Made Easy
Budgeting Made Easy
Collecting Assessments from Condominium Units Made Easy
Common Elements vs Limited Common Elements Made Easy
Condo Finances Made Easy
Creating Rules & Regulations
Managing Condo Conflicts Effectively Made Easy
Ten Things to Know About Condo Living Made Easy

  • Self-Management Templates and Guides

Including the following:

Election Ballot
Notice to Enter
Proxy Template
Rules & Regulations Violation Notice
Conducting an Association Meeting

  • Recommended Vendor Listings
  • "Ask the Expert" Q&As - Access the full content of our knowledgebase. 
  • "Condo Living A-Z" articles - More educational topics to explore
  • "Helpful Links" - Insider tips for finding online information
  • Consultation Requests - Get individualized help from the Experts
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