Amidst coronavirus, board members and property managers have begun conducting virtual meetings.

While the switch from in-person to virtual meetings requires some adjustments, the accessibility, affordability, and convenience are hard to overlook. 

Benefits of virtual meetings include…

  1. Accessibility. The cost of video conferencing software, such as Zoom or Skype, is low. Additionally, board members will likely already own a smartphone or computer that will allow them to access the applications.
  2. Participation. Since virtual meetings don’t require attendees to be in the same place, seasonal owners, owners traveling out of state, and owners with tight schedules can all still participate.
  3. Convenience. Virtual meetings are easy to schedule and sending out calendar invites prevents the need to print fliers or post signs. Screen sharing options are also convenient for sharing documents, agendas, etc. without needing to print materials. 
  4. Structure. Virtual meetings can be held in the same way that in-person meetings would be, and follow the same rules, ethics, and customs.

Learn more about the benefits of virtual meetings, here

You can also check out KSN’s podcast episode on virtual meetings with KSN attorney, Janelle Dixon, here

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