Condominiums and homeowner/townhome associations can choose to regulate signage in communities, including posters, flags, banners, and other displays. 

During election season, it is especially important for board members and property managers to establish and communicate regulations. 

Below are seven best practices to reference when discussing political signage policy:

  1. Establish common areas, including lobbies, business centers, gyms, laundry rooms, elevators, recreation areas, and other shared spaces, as neutral zones where political signs are banned. 
  2. To avoid eyesores, establish rules about the types of signs that owners may display. 
  3. Establish rules about appropriate sign dimensions to prevent disruptively or dangerously large signs. 
  4. Establish rules that stipulate a specific amount of signs that can be kept on display. 
  5. Some locations are unsafe to post signs. Establish rules around where signs are allowed and where they are not.
  6. Following Election Day, set clear time frames for how long signs are allowed to stay up.
  7. Ban and remove any political signs with offensive language or explicit imagery. 

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