Creating a sense of community amidst a pandemic is certainly a challenge. Like most people, community boards have had to adapt while distanced.

An important aspect of any well-run community is the sharing of information between board members, property managers, and residents to keep everyone in the loop. 

Communication is not only a necessity, it is often a legal obligation. 

Here are a few ways to maintain strong communication, whether in-person or not:

  • Make a plan for regular, consistent, and ongoing communication. Ensure that your communication lines remain open and go both ways. 
  • Keep your website up-to-date so that residents have a one-stop resource where they can find information and necessary contacts if they have questions. 
  • Utilize apps and portals to help residents, board members, and property managers stay in contact, find information, reserve amenities, vote, etc. Just make sure to stay attuned to your residents tech-fluency and needs to boost satisfaction and communication.
  • Check in with residents more often who may be feeling isolated or lonely.
  • Be creative with virtual events to energize and bring the community together. 

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