Whether you are communicating with other board members or reaching out to community residents, your communication strategy should be consistent and should incorporate a variety of mediums.

Here are six ways to communicate within your community association.

  1. Bulletin boards/display screens can be placed in the lobby to advertise upcoming events. 
  2. Email updates are a great way to ensure every association member is receiving all of the information they need. 
  3. Social media accounts can keep your association engaged. However, it is imperative to proactively work with legal counsel to draft a social media policy to avoid repercussions involving liability or litigation.
  4. Community apps may appeal to residents who would like to discuss association events and issues with neighbors but don’t use social media. 
  5. A community website can be used to keep and update association documents, collect assessments, submit maintenance requests, amenity management, etc. 
  6. Community meetings, whether in-person or virtual, are a great space to discuss association matters. 


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