Collection of Assessments Post-COVID

Collection of Assessments Post-COVID

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In May 2023, the COVID-19 public health emergency ended. During the three plus year COVID emergency, we saw numerous changes at the state and local level that impacted routine collection of assessments.

These changes resulted in additional procedures and processes, both pre-and post-filing of a collection action, delays, and increased costs. Today, a number of the procedures and processes implemented during the pandemic remain in place. 

Housing assistance funds are available to owners impacted by Covid to help them pay delinquent assessments, and the Cook County Circuit Court created a new program, named the Early Resolution Program (“ERP”), which is designed to provide legal aid to both tenants/owners and landlords without legal counsel. This program is utilized when an eviction lawsuit is filed on behalf of an association against an owner who has fallen behind on financial obligations to the association.

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