Board meetings often include discussions about homeowner's concerns, budget, important topics, and current/upcoming community events. These meetings are an important part of any homeowners association and it is important for board members to run succesful meetings.

Best practices for leading board meetings include being prepared, designating a meeting leader, staying on task, taking detailed notes, and more!

Learn more about running productive and successful board meetings, here

The second installment of Cook County tax bills are normally mailed in late June, and are due by August 1st, but they will be delayed 30-60 days this year. 

The delay is due to:

  • COVID-19, the government shutdown, and the work-from-home phenomenon.
  • The Cook County Assessor granted large assessment reductions to most homeowners in Cook County, slowing down the assessment process.
  • Assessing officials processed a large number of appeals from taxpayers who sought relief because COVID-19 affected their property value.

 The second installment tax bills will be mailed in late August with an anticipated due date of October 1, 2021. You can find your tax bill on the Cook County Treasurer's website by mid-August.

The governor has announced that evictions can be filed against a “covered person” beginning August 1. 

A “covered person” is a tenant who has returned the IL Declaration claiming that:

  • They expect to earn less than $99,000 in annual income in 2020. 
  • They are unable to make full rent or housing payments due to a COVID-19 related hardship.
  • They are doing their best to make timely partial payments.
  • Eviction would likely render them homeless. 

The Eviction Moratorium will be lifted after August 31. 

If your association is experiencing delinquency issues with owners and feels that legal action may be necessary, please contact Haus Financial Services for guidance.

Following the tragic collapse of Champlain Tower South Condominium Association in Surfside, Florida, condo association residents have questions about the safety of their own communities. 

Condo owners, board members and managers all have a role in ensuring the safety of their community.

Learn the questions that condo residents should be asking and the steps condo board members and managers should be taking to protect themselves and their homes here

While disagreements are common among community association residents, they can sometimes rise to the level of conflict. 

Here are five tips for board members and managers to reduce conflict and potential liability:

  1. Actually enforce rules and regulations .
  2. Don’t play favorites. Boards must practice consistent enforcement of rules and regulations. 
  3. Avoid bad decisions that lead to inconsistent enforcement. If a bad decision has already been made, recognize and reverse it. 
  4. Ensure due process is provided to owners by providing notice and an opportunity to be heard. 
  5. Stop unofficial enforcement. The consent (vote) of the entire board of directors is needed before telling an owner to do something as it relates to rules and regulations. 

Learn more here

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