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Do board meetings need to be open to non-owner tenants?

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Q. We have units in our building that are rented by the owners. When we have a board meeting, are we required to inform the tenants?

What is the process for applying repeated fines for the same offense?

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Q. Does the board have to have a hearing every time it wants to fine an owner for the same offense? Or can multiple fines be applied after an initial hearing?

Who is responsible for an ejector pump in a condo unit?

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Q. We are a small condo association (seven units) and have a basement unit that requires an ejector pump to pump its sewage into the sewer line. We all have our own furnaces and water heaters and each unit is responsible for their replacement and repair.

What can we do about a condo unit in probate?

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Q. We are a small condo association and recently someone in our building died and their apartment went into probate.