Q. My condo building turned over from the developer in 2007, all gut rehabs. We have eight residential units and two commercial spaces. The current condo board president owns one of the commercial units and recently purchased the second commercial unit and a residential unit. He told the other owners at the last board meeting that his wish is to eventually buy everyone out and rent out the units.

From what I understand, the other owners have no problems with this plan. He assured them to trust him and that when it comes time for them to sell their units, he will make them the best offer. I checked our decs and rules and I see nothing that would limit any one owner from buying as many units as they like. If he plans to just keep them as condos and rent them all out, I don't know if anything can prevent this. My concern is that if we get to a point down the road where only a few of us other owners still own our units and we want to sell, we might find ourselves in a tough position. It might be hard to sell units in a building that is primarily being used for rentals. And then we may have no choice but to sell to him. Plus, he will soon own the majority % of the bldg. He has made it clear that he plans to stay on the board (though he has no interest in learning and adhering to condo law in terms of running an association or board) and it seems like nothing would prevent this. He worked hard to make sure I won't get voted back onto the board. I am wondering if there is even any recourse for me at this point.

A. There are a few issues here to address. 1) The right to purchase multiple properties within a single condominium building, (2 the rights or abilities of those owners to control the administration of the property and (3 the effects on the ability of other owners to sell in a building with a high number of rentals. Let's first address 

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