Q. My husband and I love our current condo but with a growing family need some additional space. We live in a six unit condo building where all six units are identical (each have 2 bedrooms and 2 baths). We are interested in purchasing the unit next door from an owner who currently rents and recombining the two units into one 3 bedroom/3 bath and one 1 bedroom/1 bath.

We would live in the enlarged unit while the 1 bedroom/1 bath unit would be maintained as a rental income property. The by-laws of our association allow for the purchase of one unit owner by another unit owner with the approval of 66% of the association vote and the by-laws also allow for units to be adjoined so long as they still are used for residence.

What are some of the issues we might anticipate from the other association members about such plans? Since we are a self-managed association, I think they will be happy to see the non-resident owner be gone, however, does changing the layouts from identical 2BR/2BA units to having one 3BR/3BA and one 1BR/1BA income property change the value of any one else's property?

A. It is not unusual for owners in a condominium building to purchase adjoining units and combine them to create larger units. As a result, the owner of the units becomes responsible for

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