Can my condo association charge me for an explanation of an amendment?
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Q. Our board recently adopted an amendment to our Declaration limiting the percentage of leased units. The amendment will be presented to the owners for a vote at the end of the year.

When I asked the management office for clarification concerning existing leased units and if they will be "grandfathered in" I was told that existing units were not affected by the amendment. I was also told that this explanation was not legally binding and if I would like a legally binding explanation I would have to pay the attorney fee of $310. Is it legal to require me to vote on an amendment while charging me $310 to understand the full legal implications of said amendment? It would seem to make far more sense for the property manager to request the legally-binding explanation once, on behalf of all owners, and then send that to owners for consideration, as opposed to forcing all owners who have the same question to pay legal fees for the same answer.

A. The condominium association's Declaration and Bylaws are important legal documents that govern the property. Once these documents have been recorded, they are binding on all unit owners. Any changes to these documents necessitates a legal process that requires

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