How should a condo board handle excessive owner emails?
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Q. I am the board President of an 8-unit condo building. Owners email me often with questions and concerns about the building. Most of the owners have never volunteered to serve on the board and there are only two of us who handle most of the association's needs.

I am tired of being bombarded with issues from owners who never want to take responsibility for the building but I feel like I have to communicate with them because I'm the President. What is my responsibility to owners who constantly email me?

A. It's not unusual to have a lack of participation in a small condo building. Unfortunately, the same owners often end up serving on the board year after year because no one else is willing to step up. It is understandably frustrating to get constant communication from needy owners who won't step up.

The best way to handle this is for the board to establish a "Board Communication Policy" that includes the following:

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