Our condo board won't provide details on bids for major projects. What can we do?
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Q.  My mom has a condo in Chicago. I am often involved in communications regarding the condo association since my mom doesn't speak English.

Many years ago the association hired someone to fix the roof. Now years later there has been many complaints of roof leaking and damaging some of the ceilings in some of the units. The board now wants to hold a meeting to talk about a special assessment they want to implement. In talking to one of the board members I found out they want to use less then half of what's in the reserves and have each owner pay about $3,000 within 3-4 months to cover the work for the roof and tuck-pointing. It's not reasonable for the board members to want that type of money to be paid out in such a short amount of time.

Myself and other owners have repeatedly requested quotes from the companies and have faced some resistance. Through the process I found out one of the owners had been named as a board member to replace another member. However, the new board member was not aware she had been added and doesn't read or speak English or has been included in making decisions. The other two board members have held their position for years.

I spoke to many of the owners and informed them about the meeting and the special assessment so when everyone started complaining one of the board members said she would get new quotes and text the amounts. I had to repeatedly ask for all details to be emailed to ensure the quotes are legitimate. Also, it appears one of the quotes is from a friend of one of the board members who is making decisions. Many of the owners are not sure what to do but all of this but they are always complaining about how the association is being managed and do not trust the board members.

A. There are a number of issues being addressed in this question, but overall it seems that owners are not getting the information they feel they deserve and do not trust the current board members to act on their behalf. Language barriers are causing added confusion. Hopefully, the following points will help to clarify the owners' rights and remedies in this situation.

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