Can a special assessment for a new roof on our condo building be split equally?
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Q. Our 6 unit association has a major roof repair in the works. We originally assessed owners for a partial re-roof but the contractor has advised additional repair work because the damage was more extensive than originally thought.

Two of the six units are duplexes that have twice the ownership percentage of the other four units. They are also on the bottom floor, so they don't experience any of the leaking issues the top floor units are experiencing from the bad roof. These owners don't want to pay for the additional work based on their ownership percentage but have agreed to pay if the expense is split equally. Can the board assess unit owners equally for these repairs?

A.  It's not unusual for a contractor to begin work for a major project and find that the original estimate won't cover what is needed to fully fix the problem. This is especially true with roofs, as there may be damage that cannot be seen until the roof is taken off and the contractor can see the full picture. The board has an obligation to

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