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Does our association need a federal tax number?

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Q. I just purchased a condo in a small association. I went to change the utilities and was told we have a tax id number. I called the IRS and they can't find it.

Should I ask my neighor to pay my deductible?

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Q.  I recently had a water loss claim due to my upstairs neighbor--her w/d overflowed causing damage to my unit.  I went through my insurance, assuming they would subrogate.  I just received notice that they will not subrogate as the upstairs neighbors were not negligent. 

Who determines the use of porches?

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Q. A single back porch on each floor of our building leads to the back doors of three units.  It is unclear which part of the porch is assigned to each unit.  A dispute has arisen between two of the owners about the placement of a garbage can and grill on the porch. 

Is the Board required to provide meeting minutes that have not been approved?

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Q. I missed our last meeting of Aug 19.  I requested the meeting notes as this was a meeting where they were going to discuss our on-site manager who is not licensed. I was told I had to wait until our next meeting in Nov. as the board has not voted on the notes yet.