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The Chicago Condo Resource question and answer portal is designed to provide you with an answer to your question from the Chicago Condo Resource's network of professionals.  These professionals are affiliated with Chicago Condo Resource and will provide, for the fee stated, an answer to your question.  By submitting your question, you acknowledge, agree, and understand that the information provided by you and to you in return may be posted on the Chicago Condo Resource website.  Additionally, you acknowledge and agree that the answer or response provided to you is for informational purposes only and that the professionals providing this feedback, whether licensed attorneys, community association managers, or other professionals are not creating a specific professional-client relationship with you or your Association as a result.  The information provided in response to your question does not create an attorney-client relationship in the event that an attorney responds to your answer, and you agree that an attorney responding to a question you pose does not have an attorney-client relationship with you as a result.  As all situations are different and answers to legal questions may involve specific legal rights, you acknowledge that answers from attorneys do not constitute binding legal opinions and you agree that you should consult with or hire an attorney to provide specific legal advice if needed.  Chicago Condo Resource does not warrant the accuracy of any response provided to you and you agree that Chicago Condo Resource and its affiliated professionals are not responsible for actions you take or do not take as a result of information you receive from this website.