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How can my condo building ease leasing restrictions?

Q. My condominium association passed an amendment to our Declaration years ago to restrict rentals to 2 units out of 15. I own a unit that I no longer want to live in, cannot sell because I owe more on the mortgage than it's worth and can't rent because we already have two rented units.

We cannot find enough owners to serve on the board of our condo association. What are our options?

Q. I live in a 6-unit condo building. Our Bylaws require us to have three board members but only two owners, including myself, are willing to serve. 

An owner has built a fence on the condo property. How should the board address this?

Q. I am the President of an 8-unit condominium association. One of the doors to the outside is accessible by only one unit. The owner of that unit is now treating the area outside that entryway as a part of his unit. 

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