Common Condo Board Member Points of Conflict

Common Condo Board Member Points of Conflict

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There are many potential points of conflict related to board members. 

One common pain point is recusing and excusing board members.

Board members have a fiduciary duty to their condominium association, and to its members. This means that, at all times, directors must put the interests of the association above their own personal interests. If a director cannot do so for any reason, they are obligated to recuse themselves from participating in the deliberation and decision regarding any topic in which they may have personal interest.

But often, individual directors and boards often hesitate to recuse or excuse when warranted, leading to conflict.

Another common pain point is board member qualifications. 

Under both the Illinois Condominium Property Act and the Illinois Common Interest Community Association Act, an individual must be a member of the association to qualify as a board member. However, conflict can quickly arise if it is learned that an elected board member is not an owner within the association.

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