Is your association still eligible for a Refuse Rebate?

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As we prepare 2009 Refuse Rebates for our clients, we are finding many who used to be eligible for the Rebate no longer qualify.

In particular, if you use Allied Waste or Groot, who previously included recycling in their pickup service through post-collection sorting (they either sorted the recyclables from the regular waste or required owners to use Blue Bags when tossing recyclables into their containers), and you don't have separate containers for pickup of your recyclables, you are not eligible for a Rebate.  As many already know, the Blue Bag program has been out of commission for some time now.

The City of Chicago requires that your association have a recycling program in place in order to receive your annual reimbursement (up to $75/unit).  The easiest way to ensure that you are eligible, and the most environmentally-friendly option, is to contract for separate recycling pickup for your building.  Contact your waste hauler for more information.