Think Before You Speak

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More than ever managers and board members are receiving emails from unit owners with questions about what is going on within the association, complaints related to violations, maintenance requests, etc.

Oftentimes, statements made in emails are not kind and can be considered an admission. It is even common for an owner to bombard management and the board with emails. So, what can boards and managers do? 

Learn what steps to take in response to the email, here

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Handling Association Bullies

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Boards are tasked with duties and responsibilities that ensure the success of the community. When dealing with bullies, carrying out these responsibilities and achieving their goals becomes exceptionally difficult. In order to not let this behavior derail the productivity of the Board, the Board of Directors need to be aware of how best to deal with bullies.

Learn how to address resident or board bullies, here.

Personal Commentaries During Open Board Meetings

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In community association settings, especially at open meetings of the board or when responding to emails, we must be careful what is said. 

Comments or statements made by board members or the community association manager may not only be used against the individual making the remarks, but also against the association.

Recent Illinois case law reminds us of the potential liability to a community association when too much is said in an open board meeting. 

Learn more here

Should your Condo/HOA use ChatGPT to reduce legal expenses?

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A recent survey by the Community Associations Institute’s Foundation for Community Research reported that 91% of community association managers and HOA board members saw unexpected increases in operating expenses due to inflation.

When asked how community association managers and HOA board members plan to address unexpected operating expenses, 73% of respondents reported that they plan to raise HOA assessments, 41% plan to reduce expenses, and 15% plan to lower their reserve funding contributions. 

Condo and homeowners associations that are feeling the pinch due to inflation may consider resorting to AI searches, such as ChatGPT for legal advice, instead of the HOA attorney.  

But, is Chat GPT qualified to provide legal advice to a Condo or HOA? Find out here.